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Ricks Pro Truck is every mans dream come true. From giant trucks to lights so bright you’ll see spots for a fortnight RPT is all about Rolling Big Power and our team has focused on making a statement. From the powerful, in-your-face, manly as can be web design to the impressive social media stats our developers, designers and growth hacking experts have built a true powerhouse of social media reach for Ricks Pro Truck. Reaching over 200k shares on the very first Ricks Pro Truck promotional giveaway, bringing The Garner Agency into the fray has yielded outstanding results.

Along side our social media and web design tasks, Ricks Pro Truck asked us to integrate a full-featured shopping cart experience to fully maximize the organic reach gains made in social media and drive a steady flow of income in from their website. Our solution has been a smashing success and online sales are a real revenue stream for Ricks Pro Truck.


When we began the social campaign for Ricks, they had around 4,000 likes on Facebook and around a 1,000 followers on Twitter.  Within 5 months their FB following grew to over 36,000 and Twitter over 10,000.  We first developed a strategy that included a consistent content distribution, relevant graphics and promotions.   Not only has the growth in followers dramatically increased, their user engagement was exponential.  With just one post, there were over 165,280 likes, 220,995 shares and 30.470 comments.  This kind of growth is not typical, but it is not possible without a proper plan or execution.


October 28, 2015


Development, ECommerce, Main Home Portfolio, Social, Strategy, Web Design


Development, ECommerce, Social Media, Strategy, Web Design