Facebook Ads

Facebook ads account for almost 20% of global digital ad spending. Add YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, and you have a terrific opportunity to reach your customers where they're spending time online.

  • 1.13 billion active daily users
  • Over 90% of companies who run social ads run ads on Facebook
  • The most precise audience targeting in digital marketing
  • Multiple campaign objectives, including page likes, website visits, e-commerce purchases and more
  • Facebook’s ad revenue in 2016 was $8.62 billion, up 53% from $5.64 billion in 2015
  • Over 3 million businesses have LinkedIn business profiles
  • 1 out of 3 of all business professionals on earth are active LinkedIn users
  • 51% of companies have acquired a B2B customer on LinkedIn
  • The most accurate B2B targeting capabilities anywhere on the internet
  • Target users by seniority, company size, industry, job title, education and more
  • Multiple advertising options, such as sponsored posts, text ads, in-app lead capture and more.
  • Viewers who watch at least 30 seconds of an ad on YouTube are 23 times more likely to consume more content from that brand
  • YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine after Google
  • Brands see a 20% average increase in website traffic after launching a YouTube ad campaign
  • 43% of new customers buy something they saw advertised on YouTube
  • Multiple ad products such as in-stream, in-search and in-display
  • Use your Google Analytics audience segments to target your ads on YouTube

What We Do

Our in-house team of advertising experts will help strategize your budget based on a cost per sale or lead that you need to hit in order to enhance your profitability.

We’ll design your ads, setup your campaigns, analyze regularly and optimize performance to increase revenue and leads over time.

Facebook ads is often the most profitable channel for our clients due to the enormous volume of potential customers spending a huge amount of time the platform. Moreover, many shoppers make purchase decisions based on research and recommendations they find on Facebook.

Although we bring a lot of experience to the table, the most crucial information to us is the uniqueness of your business. You know that better than we do so our team will take the time to understand what it is you do and how you make money. We will thoroughly research your industry and learn what it is that can best appeal to your customers.

Unlike Google AdWords search campaigns, Facebook PPC is extremely visual. Our graphic team will tailor ads for you from scratch, keeping in mind the specific requirements of each social media platform. 

Social media has an unlimited combination of targeting methods. From remarketing lists to in-market segments and beyond, there's no shortage of ways to show your ads to the people most likely to buy what you sell. But how you target your impressions is the most important element of a successful campaign, luckily, we have the experience to help get you off on the right foot. Once your campaigns are live, we're constantly testing new implementations of available targeting methods based on what the data is telling us.

The most successful brands in social advertising are the ones that can analyze their campaign data, finding the trends and patterns that tell a meaningful story. We take the time to analyze the data, using your performance results to optimize every element of your account. 

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